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Fireshine Games and Triplevision Games revealed this week that they’ll be releasing These Doomed Isles for PC sometime in Summer 2023. This is a bit of an oddity that looks really fun as they are meshing two genres together you don’t normally see, as you’ll be getting a god title with survival city construction and roguelike deck-builder mechanics. It will be up to you to craft your deck to raise islands from the sea, where you will then build settlements for your followers and do what you can to help them survive. Famine, forests burning, raiders, and sea monsters are just some of the disasters looking to wipe them off the face of the planet. You can check out more about the game below.

Credit: Fireshine Games

Inspired by classic god games, survival city-builders and roguelike deck-builders, in These Doomed Isles you’ll craft your deck of cards to raise islands from the sea, build settlements for your followers and keep them alive as famine threatens, forests burn and raiders loom on the horizon.

  • Create life from nothing. Craft a deck of cards to create land and place forests, rivers, mountains and more. Bring the world to life with powerful cards, relics and miracles.
  • Build settlements for your followers. Build homes for your followers, carefully manage their requirements and give them the tools they need to exploit the environment you’ve created.
  • Harvest cards to craft the deck you want. Manage the cards in your deck to ensure you can thrive (or, at the very least, survive) until the next harvest. Build your deck any way you want to find different solutions to the challenges that you’ll face.
  • Will you survive these doomed isles? You’ll face increasing challenges as natural disasters scar your land and waves of raiders and mythical sea monsters attack from beyond the horizon. Learn from your failures and try a different strategy every time that you play.

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