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The tactical roguelike deck-builder To the Stars is coming to Switch, publisher Blowfish Studios and developer Stellar Cartography announced today. A release is planned for Q2 2023.

Here’s what we know about the game:

What’s a disgraced captain of a renowned treasure-hunting brigade to do when they fail to make a name for themselves? Open a universe-wide touring service, of course! Surf a procedurally generated sea of stars while recruiting a group of…quirky, yet talented alien crewmates. Utilize their distinct abilities to effectively manage the voyages ahead and, most importantly, ensure guests have a great time aboard your spaceship.

The galaxy is full of threats, so cruise cautiously and keep an eye out for territorial tyrants and rival tour agencies. Ready a deck with an elite arsenal of aliens, weapons, bonuses, abilities, and ships to safely ferry passengers through the final frontier. Prepare for real-time strategy battles – deploy Neela the Great, the best darn pilot in the galaxy, Zelbob, the slyest smuggler in the sector, and more colorful characters to eliminate galactic threats with style.

Tons of randomized scenarios will require the quick thinking of a true con artist, the expert guidance of a captain, or simply the raw PEW PEW SMASH power of a seasoned celestial barbarian – whichever makes more sense at the time. Sustain a diverse crew to guarantee passenger safety and keep the business thriving.

“To the Stars is a fun mesh of deck-building card games and tactical planet hopping adventures,” said Stellar Cartography founder Ido Yehieli of the upcoming project. “Guides will discover strange new worlds, meet cute aliens, and take on exciting battles whilst giving a flock of gullible loveable tourists the space tour of a lifetime!”

We have a trailer for To the Stars below.

Source: Blowfish Studios PR

Source: https://nintendoeverything.com/tactical-roguelike-deck-builder-to-the-stars-announced-for-switch/

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