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Moonbreaker is one of the most exciting releases in the next few months. The Sci-Fi strategy game written by Brandon Sanderson and developed by Subnautica makers Unknown Worlds is coming out very soon, and we were able to play it ahead of release. Here’s everything we know about Moonbreaker.

Moonbreaker is coming soon and we are very excited for it. | © Krafton

Moonbreaker is one of my most anticipated games of this year, especially since being able to play it for myself at Gamescom. It’s the new game by Unknown Worlds, famous for Subnautica and Natural Selection, and it’s written by famous Mistborn author Brandon Sanderson. In this article, I will tell you what got me so excited about the Sci-Fi strategy game, which combines elements from Hearthstone, XCom and Tabletop to a very cool and promising package.

Here you will also find all info you need on the game, including overviews on the story and gameplay, the release date and how you can play the game for free very soon. Let’s dive in.

Moonbreaker Gameplay Overview

Moonbreaker kind of sounds (and looks) odd, but the official description of “a turn-based strategy, tabletop tactics game” pretty much nails it on the head. The game is split into two parts: fighting and painting. We will

Turn-Based Fighting

You fight in 1v1 battles either against the AI or another player with a roster of units. Your team is made up from a selection of 50 characters, which you unlock throughout the game. You select a Captain, a unique character with special abilities, and ten crew members to send into battle.

This is where the Hearthstone comparisons come into play most strongly. Sorting out your team really feels a lot like a deck builder. You have your deck of units, which are then randomly drawn into your hand, or the “bridge” as it’s called here. Every card has different attack and health stats as well as special abilities. These, among with the deployment of units, need a special resource called “Cinder”. This builds slowly with every round and managing it is a very important factor in Moonbreaker.

Moonbreaker is all about turn-based strategy battles. | © Krafton

You also get something called “assists”, which are randomly chosen special abilities that you can trigger at certain points. At the beginning of each battle, you choose between three couples of two assists each. We didn’t see much of this system as we only got to fight one battle, but it promises a large amount of variety.

It’s not just Hearthstone though, the XCom is also strong with this one. We quickly felt the comparison when we got to play the game ourselves. After your units are deployed on the field, and you start battling …….


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