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Iceberg Interactive and Game Source Studio just revealed their partnership for the upcoming strategy deck-building adventure inspired by Japanese mythology at the PC Gaming Show 2022.

Publisher Iceberg Interactive further sharpens its catalog of upcoming games by adding Game Source Studio’s tactical deck-builder Mahokenshi to its roster. A new game trailer was revealed at the PC Gaming Show 2022, showcasing new visuals and announcing a 2023 release on PC via Steam.

Mahokenshi is a potent combination of deck building and hex-grid strategy. Players are given intense tactical freedom between card choices, different origins, positioning decisions, and turn-based strategy.

As a Mahokenshi – a samurai mage – from one of the Celestial Islands’ four houses, players will need to protect the Kingdom against an encroaching corruption. They explore the Celestial Islands, build their card decks to vanquish demons, and evolve their character to protect the land from the forces of evil that plague the land.


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