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Source: Mixed Realms

Considering how omnipresent the genre has become, it may be hard to believe, but not everyone likes a rogue-like. Or even a rogue-lite. Nor do they care about the difference, or why there is one. If you are one of these people who hesitate at the sight of a run-based game but want to check out the flourishing roguelike deck builder genre, I have a game for you – it’s called Gordian Quest and it has recently been released in 1.0 after two years in early access.

Gordian Quest, from Singaporean developer Mixed Realms, falls into the broad category of the roguelike deck-builder, which features games such as Slay the Spire and Monster Train. What sets Gordian Quest apart from these games is its beefy, four-act, DnD-inspired campaign that can be adjusted to be as welcoming or as punishing as you like. While there is a standard run-based mode that more closely follows the formula laid out by Slay the Spire, as well as a PvP mode, the main draw here is the campaign.

Source: Mixed Realms

In the beginning, you will pick one of ten characters that round out the full roster of DnD archetypes – knight, rogue, mage, druid, you get the idea. Each character has a selection of starter decks that pull from the three sets of cards that make up the three directions you can take your character as you level up and add to your deck. There’s also the full complement of classic RPG stats and gear, including strength, dexterity, and intelligence abilities that you will need to clear dice checks.

The game is absolutely stuffed to the gills with mechanics, but they are familiar ones. For the RPG fan, the game sticks to DnD norms, even down to rolling for initiative before each turn of battle. These are combined with many of the standard mechanics found in rogue-like deck builders to provide a really meaty battling system.

Source: Mixed Realms

Each fight takes place in a three-four lane grid, with the left side containing your three characters, and the right with the enemies. Each character has three action points, plus up to three special points that build up as you play cards. Most cards use action points, but others use special points. You will need to balance attack, defence, buffs and debuffs amongst your trio, and you can do so by developing your characters to fill a particular role.

For example, I started out with Catherin the cleric that I used as a tank up front, protecting and healing my two big damage dealers – Kudo the warlock that dealt status effects such as bleed and …….

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