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Deck Builder

At the Opening Night Live for Gamescom 2022, Friends vs. Friends debuted with an announcement trailer that showed chaotic and artsy PvP battles with FPS and deck builder mechanics. Developer Brainwash and Raw Fury are teaming up for this one and have demos available at Gamescom as of now, but will bring it to PAX West next weekend, too.

The announcement trailer (below) offered glimpses of what players can expect. They’ll choose from a roster of 10 animal characters, create custom decks with unique weapons and abilities, and duke it out with other players on one of the many cartoonish maps. So far, we’ve learned that players can join quick 1v1 and 2v2 matches online or with friends.

As for the game’s progression systems, players can level up and get new cards, improve those already obtained, and unlock animal characters with unique skills. Whatever powers, weapons, and debuffs are gained all come from a player’s deck. For example, cards can make players into titans, summon friendly turrets, and shoot vampire bullets to leech health. Playing cards correctly and getting a feel for them through the practice mode opens up room for players to experiment and get a better understanding of combat.

Friends vs. Friends is now on Steam and can be wishlisted for those interested. As mentioned, there are demos available at Gamescom, so hopefully, sometime after that, the demo will come to Steam.

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