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From Legendary Game Designers Richard Garfield and Justin Gary, The World’s First Hybrid-Deck Game, SolForge: Fusion, Available Nationwide September 22, 2022.

SolForge: Fusion is the new frontier of gaming, combining the best of digital and tabletop games.

After reaching its funding goal in less than 26 minutes and exceeding the overall initial campaign goal by more than 1,200%, Stone Blade Entertainment is proud to announce that SolForge: Fusion, the sequel to the massively popular digital trading card game SolForge, created by legendary game designers Richard Garfield (Magic the Gathering) and Justin Gary (Ascension Deckbuilding Game), is set to officially release on September 22nd, 2022 in gaming and hobby stores nationwide.

A first-of-its-kind hybrid deck-building game for the digital age, SolForge: Fusion has been meticulously designed as both a physical game that can be played in person or a digital game to be played remotely through the digital program Tabletop Simulator. Thanks to the unique algorithmically generated card printing process, no two SolForge: Fusion decks are the same, completely upending decades of trading card game tropes where players would often copy whatever “netdeck” was winning that month.

In a hybrid deck game, players are able to fuse unique half decks to create a full deck. Each unique deck can be scanned into the game’s online database so players can participate in head-to-head battles and tournaments in person OR online at Since every card that’s played levels up and becomes available in future turns, players get the experience of not only playing their deck but also continually building it during the game.


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